Friday, April 1, 2011


I love whisky.  It is a simple statement of fact.  What is whisky?  To me there are two, and only two forms of whisky - Scotch and Bourbon.  They are related, they are cousins in the truest sense of the word.  I love beer, and other spirits are wonderful in their own right, but the masters of the alcohol universe are scotch and bourbon...bourbon and scotch...interchange them as you see fit.

Why do I love whisky?  Well, getting drunk is not the thing, though the stages of becoming drunk can be very happy places.  I love whisky because ..of the heritage, the history, the ancestry...the pride in excellence..and of course there is the perfect colors...the scents, the flavors, the essence of what we find when we nose and taste our uisge beatha..our water of life.

I'm going to be evaluating whiskies, offering ideas for all to enjoy.....and I invite you all to join me...offer your opinions, your thoughts...and make this a place where our beloved whiskies are truly appreciated for the art work of science they are.

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